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High Blood Pressure symptoms and treatment

 High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one of the diseases that does not show any symptoms but can be dangerous. Once this was considered the disease of rich and old people but now high blood pressure problem is seen in many people irrespective of age.

Blood pressure is not a disease. Blood pressure is common in all the people as blood cannot flow without any pressure. Heart pumps blood with some pressure to provide blood to all parts of the body. The systolic pressure of the heart is 120. When the blood reaches heart from all parts of the body the pressure which is called Diastolic pressure is 80. Therefore the common blood pressure in healthy people is 120/80. If the blood pressure is more than this, is called high blood pressure. Blood pressure will increase when doing some physical activity or when there are emotional disturbances. But if it is increasing even at normal times, it should not be neglected.

Blood pressure or Hypertension is of two types – Primary or essential BP, Secondary hypertension. Reasons for primary BP cannot be explained and so treatment is also not easy. Medicines are given based on the age and weight of the patient. Sometimes blood pressure increases as a symptom of other disease. This is called Secondary hypertension. Treatment is to be given to the disease so that blood pressure will come down automatically. It is easy to treat this type of hypertension.

Earlier high blood pressure problem was seen in only old people. But now it is also found in young people. Changed life style, business in life, work stress and irregular meals times etc are showing severe effect on the health quality of people and is causing chronic problems like blood pressure.

High blood pressure does not show any symptoms. In some patients there will be symptoms like nausea, irritation, vomitings and head ache. Chest pain and breathlessness are also other symptoms of high blood pressure. Hypertension may create many problems. There will be harmful effect on kidneys. It also damages the health of heart and can even lead to paralysis. Therefore it is important to observe the blood pressure levels regularly.

Treatment for blood pressure is given based on the age and body weight of the patients. If one drug does not work, another drug is prescribed to bring down blood pressure. If blood pressure increased due to some disease, it will not come down until the disease is treated. There is a misconception that 160/80 blood pressure is common but this is not true. Hypertension should be only 120/80. Even slight increase in this is to be considered high blood pressure.

People who have blood pressure patients in their family should check their blood pressure regularly. Diabetic patients should be more careful. Intake of salt should be reduced and body weight should be controlled. Eating on time and having sufficient sleep helps to prevent high blood pressure. Care should be taken not to take high calorie and high fat food. Exercising for half an hour to one hour is necessary. Regular life style can help to avoid blood pressure.

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