Naaptol Deal on Wireless CCTV Security Camera

Naaptol Deal on Wireless CCTV Security Camera | Wireless CCTV Security Camera Price
Wireless CCTV
Wireless security CCTV camera is offered by Naaptol deals. Device is very easy to install and maintenance is free. Wireless CCTV helps in protecting the office, home, shop, schools and factories.   it works on the wireless technology. There is high quality video and audio output. There is an antenna and 8mm micro lenses on the wireless audio/ video transmission camera. The kit consists of wireless signal receiver and controller which is having DC power connector, video output and audio output. People can get the live output of the wireless camera on the television. Package which is offered by Naaptol contains camera, receiver, manual, 2 AC adapter, 9V battery connector, antenna, antenna with receiver and RCA cable. 6 months warranty is given to the people and there are Rs.200 as the shipping charges. People can save 63% of the money and they can get the package for Rs. 2999 only. People can give the choice of message and calling to order the products. They can order the product by calling 09223490000 or by sending a message as ‘naaptol’ to 58888. Every deal from naaptol can be seen on its website which is People can also register their complaints on 09223516148 from 7am to 10pm. Cash can be paid through cheque or credit card at the time of delivery.

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