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World’s Most Expensive Dog

Red Tibetan Mastiff Dog

World’s Most Expensive Dog |Red Tibetan Mastiff Dog Is The Most Expensive Dog One could have seen many dogs costing lacks of rupees on TV but it is a wonder that a red Tibetan mastiff dog costs eight crore rupees. This is bought by a Chinese coal mines owner recently. These are the oldest dog […]

World’s Biggest Pearl in China

World’s Biggest Pearl in China

World’s Biggest Pearl in China | Biggest Pearl Weighs 6 Tons World’s biggest pearl nick named as Chintamani is in China. This pearl is made with fluorite mineral and so it looks bright in green color during night time.  This pearl is the most expensive and is more costly than diamonds. This pearl is 5 […]

French Scientists new technology to cure night blindness-New treatment for night blindness

Night blindness

French scientists technology to cure night blindness Night blindness is the most common problems with which many people suffer worldwide. Eye drops and if the problem is very severe surgery is done to solve the problem of night blindness. French scientists are saying that they can cure night blindness with new scientific technology with only […]

Alternative Medical Systems India-Indian Medicinal Plants

Alternative Medical Systems

Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy, Naturopathy are the indigenous methods of treatments. Though in all these methods medicinal herbal plants are used there is difference between these methods and herbal treatment method. Many people think that there is no difference between Ayurveda and Herbal treatment. Ayurveda is a combination of more than one herb. Sometimes preparing […]

Infertility causes in men and women-Homeopathy treatment for Infertility


Infertility in men and women   Motherhood is a beautiful gift. Very small defects prevent the couple from giving birth to children. This leads to mental tension. In India nearly eight crore people are suffering from infertility problem. These are spending lakhs of rupees for the solution. If couple could not give birth to children […]

Herbal Treatment Vs Allopathy-Popular Herbs in the World

Herbal Treatment

Herbal treatment is gaining popularity day by day. It is becoming a tough competitor for thousand crore dollar worth Allopathy. It is believed that Allopathy took birth from the point where herbal treatment methods stopped. Herbal treatment has thousands of years of history.  Herbal treatments and herbal knowledge have been a part of every civilization. […]

Bandaloop Mesmerizes People with Aerial Dance


Bandaloop Mesmerizes People with Aerial Dance | Bandaloop Most Established Aerial Dance Group We have seen body bending break and shake dance. Although we are not Familiar, occasionally we hear about belly, salsa, HipHop and Jazz. Regardless the greatness of steps or the popularity of the dance, we know that foot will be on the […]

Most valuable things in the world

A great House ‘Antilia’

Most valuable things in the world |Pink diamond is rare and costlier in the world A great House ‘Antilia’ Antilia has 27 floors. Temple of Lord Krishna is in the ground floor. All the first six floors are allotted for car parking and can park totally 168 cars. The next floors have a Gym, Spa, […]

Chocolate Boat

Chocolate Boat

Chocolate Boat | Boat made with Chocolate in a France Carnival This boat is not like a regular boat. It has a specialty. After travelling in it and getting down, we can happily eat it.  .this is a chocolate Boat. This 3.5 meter boat has mouth watered the spectators for one hour by sailing at […]

The statue of Christ


The statue of Christ |Statue of Christ in creates new record in Poland World records are always broken and need to be known from time to time.  Now, the tallest statue in the world is Jesus Christ and is in the city of Swiebodzin in Poland.  The name of this statue is ‘Christ the King’ […]