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Egg Art – Franc Grom

Egg art

Egg Art – Franc Grom | Franc Created 17,000 Designs on Eggs Egg is liked by most of the people. But Franc Grom who belongs to Slovania likes them more than the others. The only difference is all the people wants the inside part of the egg but he wants the outer part. Franc Grom […]

Dress Made with Food

Dress Made with Food

Dress Made with Food | Wedding Dress made with Food Items in Colombiatex Fashion Show Do you want to bite and eat this dress? You have to congratulate, if this dress is very good, but you need not worry why he is eating like this.  This dress is made with food items only. A model […]

The diet to be followed to reduce depression | Alcohol will increase the mental pressure rather than decrease it

The diet to be followed to reduce depression | Alcohol will increase the mental pressure rather than decrease it Recent researches proved that about 70-90% of the employees are facing high mental pressures. The modern life style is also responsible for these pressures. These pressures are causing lot of dangerous diseases. By changing the diet […]

Fasting is not recommended for weight loss

Weight loss

Fasting is not recommended for weight loss | Ayurvedam recommends fasting which means making some changes in daily diet Many people believe that keeping fast for a day in a week is healthy.  There is a gap of nearly ten hours between night meals and next day breakfast.  Our body gets used to this natural […]

Chocolate drought in 2014

Chocolate drought

Chocolate drought in 2014 |   Britain experts warn about chocolate drought in 2014 Here is a bad news for all the chocolate lovers. Britain experts warn that there will be a chocolate drought in the year 2014. They explain the reason that stocks of cocoa are going down drastically. Drastic reduction in number of cocoa […]

Online Mental Health Test Website

Online Mental Health

When people around us who are friends or colleagues keep on saying that you are not remembering anything now-a-days, one will get a doubt that if they have Alzheimer’s disease. One will have a doubt about whether to consult the doctor and what is the severity of the disease. An online doctor is now available […]

Food for healthy skin-Food for Wrinkle Free Skin

Food for healthy skin

In some people wrinkles appear on the face at a very young age. Changing some food habits can cure this problem. Honey: Some people have tendency for sweet tooth, but if sugar is taken in more quantity then there is scope for the brain cells to get inactive and in the future there is scope […]

What is Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

What is Blood Pressure | Symptoms, Causes and Precaution for Low Blood Pressure Blood is carried from the heart to all parts of your body in vessels called arteries. Blood pressure is the force of the blood pushing against the walls of the arteries. Each time the heart beats (about 60-70 times a minute at […]

Ginger Bread House Cake

Ginger Bread House Cake

Ginger Bread House Cake | Ginger Bread Cake Is Made During Christmas Christmas Festival is one of the festivals and best platforms where full decorations are made with colorful lightings to the Christmas tree. During that time, one can see ‘Ginger Bread House’ which is called as sweet home in all the houses of European […]

Exercises in Daily Activities-Walk While Talking on Cell Phone

Walk While Talking Cell Phone

People who cannot spend time specially for exercising can make it a part of their daily activities.  Here are some tips on how to include exercises in daily activities. v  While dusting and cleaning cup boards do not stand on a stool and instead stand on toes and take support of elbow. v  While brushing […]