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Vitamin B9 or Folic acid is required for proper functioning of liver

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 or Folic acid is required for proper functioning of liver | Sources of Vitamin B9 Liver is the most important organ of human body and every person should take 400 micrograms of B9 vitamin or Folic acid for the health of the liver.  Pregnant women will need 600 micrograms of folic acid per […]

Vitamin C Health Benefits-Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C Food Sources

Vitamin C importance and Food Sources Vitamin C plays a key role in improving immunity. Vitamin C is abundantly available in Lemons. It is very difficult to drink lemon juice in rainy season. There are other ways to provide Vitamin C to the body. Green peas contain Vitamin C. In one cup of Green peas, […]

Food that contains fiber-Sources of fiber

Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber source Fiber, which is essential for the health is available in vegetables like snake gourd, beans, pine apple etc. Other sources which provide fiber are – Bran: Whole grains are a rich source of fiber. Soluble fiber is more in rice bran and oats. Good quality bran can be used in vegetables, Sambar, […]

Food for healthy skin-Food for Wrinkle Free Skin

Food for healthy skin

In some people wrinkles appear on the face at a very young age. Changing some food habits can cure this problem. Honey: Some people have tendency for sweet tooth, but if sugar is taken in more quantity then there is scope for the brain cells to get inactive and in the future there is scope […]

Food addiction is a dangerous problem that leads to obesity


Food addiction is a dangerous problem that leads to obesity |Addiction of coffee, ice cream, salt and sweets causes harmful diseases Some people always keep eating something or the other.  These people become obese because of their habit of over eating some people are quiet opposite and look very thin.  Doctors are saying that both […]

Food tips for checking Hypothyroidism-Food for Hyperthyroidism


Food for checking Thyroid problems Main symptoms of Thyroid problems are overweight, tension and weakness. This increases stress in daily life. These problems can be prevented by taking nutritious food. One has to be active physically and mentally to lead a happy life. But when there are problems like Thyroids, this will not be possible. […]

Cutting down calorie intake-Restrict calories to prevent obesity


Calorie restriction to prevent obesity Consumption of more calories leads to fat accumulation in body and it is not easy to dissolve body fat. A healthy woman who weighs 55 – 60 kgs needs 1800 calories in a day. One should know how many calories one needs in a day and change the food habits […]

Diet and work tips for software employees to keep healthy

Software employees

Diet and work tips for software employees to keep healthy | Corporate jobs and changing food habits causing health problems for software employees Five digit salary, new acquaintance and new ideas welcome a new employee into the corporate sector job.  Though new jobs give them professional satisfaction, they are also causing many health problems because […]

Big Knit Cafe

Big Knit Cafe

Big Knit Cafe | Training in Knitting for ladies in Bangkok Almost all the ladies will show interest in knitting work, if they have leisure time. But many of them could not get chance of training in knitting. Though they know knitting and have leisure time, they could not have the availability of all the […]

Decision Making

Decision Making

Decision Making |   Three stages in Decision making Dilemma is the problem of sixty nine percent of the youth in world. In these thoughts, not only days but years pass on. Finally when it comes to taking the decision time will end. As per the psychologists there are several reasons for their mental condition and […]