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Hydroponics – How to grow it


Hydroponics – How to grow it |Growing plants with the usage of water The procedure where in mud is not required and with the help of water only if a plant can be grown, this is known as hydroponics and through this method bamboo trees can be easily grown.  So that is the reason bamboo […]

Plants without Soil

Coco peat  plants

Plants without Soil |Coco peat replace the soil in indoor plants How to grow plants in flats where there is very less space and the balcony’s are like prison bars. In individual houses also there is no space for growing plants. Many people stop growing plants to avoid the inconveniences like need of pouring water […]

Protection from Tsunami


Protection from Tsunami | Growing of Mangrove trees help to get protection from Tsunami Thousands of people lost their lives in India’s Tsunami effect in 2004. There are 172 families that got saved in a small village called Tirunalatoppu in Tamilnadu state. The reason is that the Mangrove trees, which grow in sea water. MSSRF […]

Stress ball – stress remover

Stress ball – stress remover

Stress ball – stress remover|How Stress ball helps to get rid of stress People sit in a room alone when they feel stress. Some people will eat even if they do not feel hungry. Some people will go to shopping. If all the above doesn’t work, one need to take a stress ball in hand, […]

Prolactinoma problem of Pituitary gland-Various problems related to Pituitary gland

Pituitary gland

Main problems that are related to Pituitary gland are tumors.   Some tumors secret hormones and some tumors just grow and cause many problems. Prolactinoma Prolactinoma is the most important pituitary tumor that secrets hormones more than the requirement and causes problems.   This problem is seen more in girls.   If there are tumors on the Pituitary […]

Misconceptions about Arthritis-Few facts of Arthritis


Arthritis misconceptions and facts   People who are suffering from Arthritis have many misconceptions about the problem. Most common are that Arthritis is a disease of old people. Patients need to know facts and have valid information about the disease to manage the disease and lead a better life. It is a misconception that Arthritis […]

Liver cancer and precautions

Liver cancer

Liver cancer and precautions Liver cancer Some people may feel pain at the right side of the stomach. Hunger of the patient is affected with the severity of the disease. The patient feels enough by eating very less amount of food. Fatty liver patients, drinkers, hepatitis-b and hepatitis-c patients should undergo ultra sound scanning and […]

Crash dieting leads to many health problems

Crash dieting

Crash dieting leads to many health problems | Hair fall, weakness etc are the results of crash dieting Many people get in trouble as a result of losing weight forcibly by not eating anything and etc. These methods are called as crash dieting which puts lot of pressure on the body thus results in hair […]

Hair Fall Reasons-Hair Fall Homeo Treatment

Hair Fall

Hair problems like hair falling and graying is found more now-a-days. Generally each hair strand grows for two to three years. The growth rate would be one centimeter per month. Few hair strands will fall and new hair will grow in their place. In this cycle, few hair strands fall every day. In some people […]

Causes and treatment for short stature I Homeo can cure short stature

Causes and treatment for short stature I Homeo can cure short stature Everyone should grow to some particular height in order to be respected in society. Persons not having that particular height may be commented as short stature. About 3-5% of the society is facing this short stature problem. Mainly the teens and youth are […]