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Piles causes, prevention and types-Ayurveda Treatment for Piles

Ayurveda Treatment

Prevention, causes of piles and Ayurveda treatment for piles Water levels in human body decrease during summer season. This makes the body parts dry. This leads to constipation problem. Constipation causes pressure on the rectum. Blood veins and tiny muscles near the anus swell due to this pressure. These are called Piles. Piles cause pain […]

Piles are caused mainly due to constipation I Ayurvedam can cure piles without operation

Piles are caused mainly due to constipation I Ayurvedam can cure piles without operation Antibiotics and pain killers will give only temporary relief from piles. The main cause for piles is constipation. The food habits which doesn’t include fibers, jobs which ties the employee the seat all the day, and frequent long journeys are responsible […]

Few interesting facts about bones-Bones contain 75% water


Bones and facts   Bones give body structure, help to more in many ways and also protect the internal organs in human body. Here are a few facts about human bones. There will be 300 bones in human body by birth but the number becomes 206 when he completely grows up. Few bones combine to […]

Bad body odour in youth and middle aged persons

Bad body odour

Bad body odour in youth and middle aged persons When the weather is sultry, body produces more sweat.  This phenomenon is more in young and middle aged persons.  Though sweating do not cause bad odour, bacteria develops in them and so bad body odour is also more in them.  Bad body odour can be hereditary […]

What is cholesterol?


What is cholesterol?| People with family history of high cholesterol should undergo necessary tests to control cholesterol Everybody is aware that cholesterol causes lot of health problems including heart diseases but very few know how to control cholesterol. Food plays a crucial role in controlling cholesterol.  So following good food habits is necessary to control […]

Types of fissures – Causes, symptoms and treatment for fissures


Types of fissures – Causes, symptoms and treatment for fissures | Things to be done and not done when suffering from fissures Many people neglect the pain they experience with bowel movement. They do not consult a doctor until the problem gets worsened.  Fissures are tears in the anus.   Though this disease is not a […]

Allergy Causes, Symptoms-Homeopathy treatment for Allergy


Allergy Causes, symptoms and Homeo treatment Human body is a wonderful creation.  It has been created to fight any foreign particles or germs that enter the body. This system is called immunity system. Immunity system fights that foreign particles that enter the body through air water or food or proteins that are not related to […]

Healthy Daily Diet-Vegetables, Fruit Juices for Health

Healthy Daily Diet

Healthy Daily Diet-Vegetables, Fruit Juices for Health Lifestyle in the cities is changing into machinery life and people of all ages from kids to elders are suffering from some or the other disease. It is very common in the present days to suffer from any problem and everyone is consulting different doctors for their problems […]

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy-Oxygen Therapy for patents

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy Benefits Oxygen is necessary for keeping a good health, for the recovery of patients etc. Oxygen is crucial for improving the immunity system and for the reproduction of cells. That is why there Oxygen clubs are becoming popular in cities. People are now increasing awareness about oxygen therapy. This therapy is giving relief […]

Key hole surgery advantages-Common surgery disadvantages


Disadvantages of Common surgery Surgery is the word most feared by patients because of reasons like it takes long time to recover, the pain surgery causes is unbearable, the scar it leaves and finally whether the surgery will be a success or not. If the patient is a child, the worry of parents cannot be […]