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Causes and prevention of pimples-Homeo drugs for pimples


Pimples causes Pimples are mostly seen in youngsters. But these can also come at the age of forty years. Pimples not only come on the face but also on the hands, chest and back. This problem will be severe in some people. Pimples may leaves scars on the face. Main reasons for pimples are changes […]

How to prevent the formation of pimples on back?

Pimples on Back

How to prevent the formation of pimples on back? Dandruff, insufficient drinking of water and lack of fibers in food are the major causes for the formation of pimples on skin. Required precautions should be followed after recognizing the   cause. Steam bath should be taken at least once in a week which will open up […]

Pimples are an inflammatory lesion of acne mostly seen in 16 – 40 year people | Causes, precautions of Pimples


Pimples are an inflammatory lesion of acne mostly seen in 16 – 40 year people | Causes, precautions of Pimples Pimple is a papule or small pustule; usually meant to denote an inflammatory lesion of acne. Pimples are the major factors that decrease the beauty of face. Most of youth usually gets depressed and irritated by […]

Neem for Pimples-Neem Benefits


Our ancestors believed that every house should have a Neem tree.   Neem tree not only gives shadow but also provides health.   Warm water in which Neem leaves are put can be used to take bath to get new energy.   Neem also purifies blood. Neem also plays an important role in skin and hair care.   Neem […]

Home tips to cure pimples-Beauty tips to reduce pimple marks


Home tips to cure pimples Pimples are the most common problem faced by teenage girls. Pimples not only cause pain but also make the face ugly. Marks left by pimples do not go away easily. Few home face packs to reduce pimples are given below. Make a paste of Besan and curd. Apply to the […]

Pimples can be prevented by following some tips-Homemade tips to prevent pimples


Tips to prevent pimples A small pimple will make a beautiful face look ugly. When sweat pores on the face or blocked, pimples are formed. Young people feel very self conscious when there is a pimple on the face. Here are some tips to check the pimples. Water is the only medicine that gives beauty […]

Causes for pimples and acne

pimples and acne

Causes for pimples and acne | Tips to prevent pimples and acne | Home remedies for pimples or acne Acne is a common problem faced by almost all teenagers and youth. Small pimples appear on face and face looks ugly. Pimples mostly appear on oily skin therefore don’t apply any oil or cream on face. […]

Treatment for Pimples on face


Treatment for Pimples on face 100gms each of Holy Basil leaves, neem leaves, and mint leaves should be grinded together. This should be mixed with sufficient amount of rose water to make fine paste. This paste should be applied to face and should be washed with warm water after getting dry. Curry leaves and quarter […]

Reducing Skin Tan-Papaya Pulp useful in Reducing Skin Tan


Sun rays are very harmful to the skin. Skin cells get damaged and skin turns black due to heat. To reduce the skin tan caused due to sun here are some tips. Apply Papaya pulp to face as mask for once in every week. Papain present in Papaya removes dead skin and brings back the […]

Cell phones effects

skin diseases

Cell phones effects| Cell phones are causing skin diseases It is heard and read several times that cell phones are causing diseases like heart attack, reduction in sperm count in male etc. Now one more disease had been added to this list. Doctors from American College Of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) disclosed that there […]