Some natural ways to stay young I Small systematical changes in life style can reduce the effect of aging

Some natural ways to stay young I Small systematical changes in life style can reduce the effect of aging

No one can escape from becoming old. But normally people worry more about their age from the age of 40. They even start for searching the ways to keep their appearance young. Most of them start buying make up accessories. They even get ready to undergo cosmetic surgeries and Botox treatments. But scientists warn that it is harmful for health to adopt non natural ways to stop natural process of aging. They also suggest that it can be controlled by natural methods. Some of them are –

Healthy diet

Most of the people prepare their diet plan as per their weight. But weight alone is not the accurate parameter to prepare diet plan, the environment and weather also to be considered. The food to be taken in summer is different from the food to be taken in winter. In summer digestive system will be lazy. Hence it would be foolish to take weight based diet in summer. The consumed food would not be digested in time that leads to increase in body fat levels, thus hikes the risk of obesity. Obesity will make the human look older than actual age. Thus scientists advise to keep non vegetarian food away and eat vegetarian food only in summer.

Have thorough knowledge about Health

Doctors say that you cannot become sick if you have thorough knowledge of how to be healthy and practice the health tips in regular life. We have to gain knowledge about what food habits to follow, what sort of exercises to work out and etc. from news papers, television and also from health experts. This up to date knowledge will keep us younger.

Need of Nutrition

By the usage of artificial fertilizers the nutritious levels in food have decreased a lot. Hence the regular food doesn’t supply the required vitamins and proteins to the body. Hence have to take multi vitamin, A, B, C, E vitamin rich food separately. Fish, fruits are some examples of vitamin rich food.

Stay away from midnight parties

Our body gets used to work during the day and sleep during night. The complete organism of the body works basing on this.  Not going to sleep till late night means to compel the organism to work, which leads in faster ageing effect. Exercises should be done in morning only. The habit of going to gym in the night is not good for health. This would put pressure on the body which is already tired.

Drink water

We should prevent the body from dehydration by drinking sufficient amount of water. We should drink water at least 8 – 10 times per day. And those who work under pressure should drink 12-15 times a day. Also the time gap and the amount of water also matter.

Healthy Exercises

Everyone must dedicate 40 minutes a day for three days in a week to outdoor exercises. And those who are going to gym should continue it for at least 4 days a week. These exercises help the body to resist stress. Regular exercises also keeps the humans refreshed and makes them look younger.

Necessity of Regular check- ups

Regular B.P and sugar check-ups will help to maintain a good health. These are the two major diseases which lead to many other diseases. Hence we can stay healthy by preventing these two.

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