Walking barefoot has few advantages

Walking barefoot has few advantages | Walking barefoot on green grass for ten minutes relieves from stress and anxiety
Walking barefoot on grass
Some people wear footwear even when they are at home.  Taking care of the feet is good but doctors are saying that there are some benefits because of walking bare foot.

  • If legs and feet are paining, walking bare foot will held to cure the problem.  Muscles are also activated.  Wearing footwear continuously causes pressure in feet. Joint pains and back pains are also caused because of this.  So one should walk bare foot for proper blood circulation.
  • Walking for 10 minutes on green grass bare foot can give relief from stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.  It gives same result as doing exercise and yoga.

It is also not good to walk without footwear continuously for long hours.  Depending on the nature of the skin, cracks appear on the soles.  So after walking barefoot, feet should be washed with water and wipe with dry towel.  Massaging with coconut oil is also beneficial for the feet.

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