Yogasanas give relief from ear problems-Asanas improve hearing capacity

Yogasana for ear problems


Sounds in ear, puss, severe pain etc are the problems related to ears. Yogasana provides relief from ear problems.

Akarna dhanurasana: Sit with legs stretched. Fold the right leg and keep it on the left thigh. Hold the right toe with left leg and lift the leg. Bring the leg to the left ear. Touch the left heel with right leg. Keep the left leg straight. Be in this pose for ten seconds. Later keep the left heel on the right thigh for ten seconds. Repeat this for three times. Do this with the left leg also. Problems like ear pain, pus discharge from ear etc can be reduced with this asana and the shoulder will become strong.

Simhasana: Sit in Vajrasana. Keep the spinal cord straight. Keep the two knees apart. Place the right hand on the right knee and left hand on the left knee. Inhale with nose and bring the tongue out. Exhale through mouth. Do this for ten times. This gives relief from severe ear pain. Blood circulation to the inner ear will be improved.

Jala neti: This has to be done on empty stomach in the presence of Guru only. A special Jala neti container is used for this. Take two glasses of warm water and add two pinches of salt. Take this water in the Jala neti container. Keep the container in the right nostril and let the water flow out through the left nostril. Do this with the other nostril also. After completing the Jala neti procedure, bend forward and close ears with hands. Exhale with force through the nose. Repeat this for twenty times. This cures ear problems and also cold, headache, sinusitis, allergies and eye problems.

Visthruta halasana: Lie on the back and keep the hands on the floor. Lift the two buttocks and legs with the help of the hands. Keep the legs on either side of the head. Be in this position for ten to thirty seconds. Bring the legs to the normal position. This asana should not be practiced by people who are suffering from shoulder pains, high blood pressure and heart problems. This asana also cures ear problems.

Karnapidasana: Lie on the back. Lift buttocks and hands with the help of the hands. Bend the knees a little and keep the left knee beside left hand and right knee beside right hand. Hold the two heels with hands. After staying in this position for thirty seconds come back to normal position. Persons suffering from neck pain, high blood pressure, heart problems should not practice this asana. This cures ear problems and improves hearing capacity.

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